Smokes Graphic Design

Interior store design and more...

Smokes contracted me to work with them close to 2 years on various design projects ranging from business cards, flyers, advertisements and store interiors. At the time Smokes did not have a dedicated in-house design team and depended upon contractors. There were daily projects that required attention to detail, working closely with marketing managers, and everything required a  fast turnaround time. Smoke's had developed a strong visual brand, and strict adherence to standards was required. There was a wide variety of projects and it varied greatly from day to day so a lot of flexibility was required. It was a challenge to be creative while staying within their rules and branding, but in the end I came away with a body of high-end work that I am very proud of.

Feel free to browse these selected samples of my work for them :

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  • smokes_03.jpg
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